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Our Background Story

In 2009, Kitty Engelmoer approached Jackie’s company, The JC Group, regarding setting up a Dragon’s Heart Foundation in Holland. Kitty had already organised many small charity events in her home town but was now keen to extend the fundraising over her country.

Over the following 2 years, she was invited over to Hong Kong to discuss her business plan with Jackie and a representative of The JC Group until finally, in 2011, her proposal was authorised. However, Jackie stated that she was to expand the fundraising, not only to Holland but also Europe and Africa.

Thus, on 11 February 2011, JC Dragon’s Heart Europe was born.

Jackie Chan

Founder of the Dragon’s Heart Foundation

Our Patron and Ambassador

Catherine Johnson


Chris de Korte


Our Team

Kitty Engelmoer


Silke Hundertmarck

Vice President

Gail Frith


Jane Keitch


Ben Lewis


Chris Jones


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